Tuesday, November 30, 2010

~ Pennsylvania

Today was the day for Football and cross stitch.  My Hunny B is a football fanatic and therefore, the  TV on Sunday is dedicated to the pigskin. I spent the day stitching up my 3rd Heart (actually #2 in the series) Pennsylvania.

A little about the Great State of Pennsylvania as described on the Victoria Stitch chart.
Pennsylvania was the second state ratified by the Federal Constitution on December 12th, 1787.  Its nickname is "Keystone State" and its motto is Virtue, Liberty and Independence.  The Mountain Laurel was designated as state flower in 1907, after over 3,000 women signed a petition endorsing it.
The Liberty Bell, a symbol of freedom and independence for all of the States hangs in Philidelphia.  In the stitched piece there are two keystone shapes which refer to the nickname which was adopted to show the "key" position of Pennsylvania in the economic, social and political development of the US.  The featured Victoria Stitch represents the wide variety of trees in the woodlands which cover at least half of the state.  At the bottom of the heart are symbols reminiscent of the Pennsylvania Dutch Hex signs with which the Amish decorate their barns and homes for good luck and protection.

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