Tuesday, November 30, 2010

~ Connecticut

Well, I finally got another VS Heart done today and it is Connecticut.  Here is a little about Connecticut as stated on the chart.

Connecticut is the 5th State to ratify the federal Constitution on January 9th, 1788.  The heart features a branch of the Mountain Laurel, designated as the State Flower in 1907.  It is perhaps the most beautiful of American wild shrubs.  The American Robin was the symbol of home for the early colonists, reminding them of their beloved English bird and their heritage.  The  specialty stitch is Woven Plated Surface, and it represents woven cloth, one of the mainstays of Colonial life in the 1700’s.  Finally, the White Oak is symbolized by the golden acorn and the oak leaves at the bottom of the heart. 
The Nickname of Connecticut is “The Constitution State” and the motto is Oui Transtulit Sustinet .

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