Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Today I started yet another project.  I bought the entire collection of the Victorian Sampler's - Hearts of America about 7 years ago.  My intention was to stitch them (ha! all 50 of them) and make them into a patch work quilt.  Well TODAY I finally pulled out one (the Tennessee one - since I live in Tennessee) and began stitching it.  I think these will go fairly fast, as they are small.  Each state features a Specialty Stitch...Tennessee's is the Chinese Rice Stitch.  I spent about 5 hours stitching (along with doing loads of laundry between) and got the state flower done (the Iris).  Here is a scan of my WIP on it.  I think the flower turned our really pretty!. 

I usually don't stitch kits as you can't always predict the floss quality, but I believe these have DMC cotton floss which is what I usually stitch with. 
The chart has the colors listed as DMC and it feels like DMC. 

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